Fairies that have been Adopted! Mireya, Brinley, and Tinley

Hello there, from ThePebblePathway, where you can find fun Fairy Garden Homes and Accessories!  Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!  I'll be catching up this week and spotlighting all of the fairies that have been adopted!  Unfortunately a couple fairies were adopted so fast that I didn't get pictures of their fairy houses!  I'll also be highlighting and telling the full stories of a few fairies that are available for adoption, and a couple that have fairy houses in progress.

It's a busy time here at ThePebblePathway, and we are gearing up for all of our spring and early summer events!  It's time to bring back fairy garden planting posts, and getting ready to clean up all of our outside fairy gardens from the long winter nap.

I am going to attempt to start the newsletter ... although, that is to be determined for next week ... the gnomes and fairies are telling me that I have to finish my taxes before I can start on anymore fun stuff.  So ... the realities of being a fairy house maker and running a fairy adoption service are upon me ... must.finish.bookkeeping ... then I can play, play, play all day! 

Ahhh ... I just heard the bell for tooth fairy school!  Must be time for the young fairies to hit the books too!  I hope you have a magical day, and didn't eat too many green goodies yesterday!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day from our resident Lucky Gnome, he is also the March "Gnome of the Month"!

And now, for the fairies that have been adopted!  If you see a fairy house that you like and would like to get an update when a similar one is listed, please email me at thepebblepathway@gmail.com

Stone Fairy House with Mushroom Roof 050

Fairy Name:  Mireya
Favorite Color:  Yellow
Hobbies:  Mireya loves the warmth of the sunshine and often visits all of the bees on flowers.  She speaks fluent bee and often helps with honey collection.  Her favorite season is spring! 

Pink Fairy House with Green Leaf Roof - Brinley

Fairy Name:  Brinley
Favorite Color:  Pink
Hobbies:  Brinley loves to dance, play in the moonlight, and collect acorns.  She has been collecting teeth for 420 years and has been awarded with Expert Tooth Collector 3 times!

Blue Fairy House with Green Leaf Roof - Tinley

Fairy Name:  Tinley
Favorite Color:  Blue
Hobbies:  Tinley loves to play soccer!  She recently won most valuable player in the fairy cup!  When she is not playing soccer she is studying to be a fairy engineer to help design a new wing of tooth fairy school. 

I hope you enjoyed these Fairy Stories!  You can find more fairy houses available in the shop!

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