Custom Gnomes, Made to Order Gnomes, FAQ and ordering

I am taking the leap and adding an option for made to order gnomes!  We will

see how it goes, and I may deactivate this listing if I get overwhelmed with orders.  However, here are some FAQ's about Made to order and Custom gnomes!

Order a Made to Order Gnome here - 50 to choose from (maybe more!)

FAQ's Below!

What is the difference in made to order versus custom gnomes?  Made to order are generally available and can be ordered at any time unless I am

overwhelmed with orders and have turned off ordering completely.  ALL made to order gnomes have red hats, blue bodies, and white beards ... other skin colors can be requested at any time.  If you would like different colored hats, bodies, beards or different accessories and changes to a gnome - that is a custom order.

Why is there a difference between custom gnomes and made to order gnomes?  During 2021 I have had difficulty ordering different color clays from the manufacturer, therefore, the reds, blues, and whites that are standards for made to order, I order in bulk.  I may not be able to order other colors in the quantity needed to offer those customization at this time.  I hope that this issue resolves itself soon.

What if I want a gnome that you don't have listed?  I welcome your requests and will do my best to accommodate it.  However, I may not be able to accommodate all requests. 

How long does it take to complete custom orders and made to order items?  Made to order items are generally shipped 1-2 weeks after your order is placed.  Custom orders take approximately 2-3 weeks January - October.  In November and December, I may increase custom order time frames up to 4 weeks. January to October, custom order ti

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