About us

Hello there!  Welcome to The Pebble Pathway!  I'm April, the creator behind all of the things you will find here.  I live with my husband and kids, in central North Carolina on our almost 7 acre mini farm.

Why the name, The Pebble Pathway?  As a little girl, the outside was our playground.  I was a collector of tiny treasures ... rocks, snails, miniatures purchased at craft and hobby stores, the tiny tea cups at my granny's house ... each of these treasures was the start of a journey into my imagination.  Today I imagine that all of those stories are connected via a cobblestone path.  Pebbles that are smooth and worn, beaten flat into the ground with grass and moss connecting them.  A Pebble Pathway where you never know what you will find or which magical creatures you will encounter. 

I hope you find something to make you, or someone else smile.  Each piece is handcrafted with love and imagination.